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London escorts are well known, but the focal point of Europe's erotic market is in Switzerland, particularly in Geneva.

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Bumpix was a free escort social network for many years. Today, after its takeover by a large group, the possibilities are opening up and moving towards a new model. You can always find a naughty girl to meet in 1 click, but also read the latest naughty news from around the world and the best deals.

2023 big changes for erotic market in UK and Swiss

We all have in mind the song of the little women of Pigalle. That imaginary of the girls of joy who walk the streets to approach a stranger and sell their bodies on the street. Here in London, the high-class escort is used to visiting fine establishments.

Sex for hire is considered to be the oldest profession in the world. In every civilization, there is evidence of young women or men selling their bodies and sexual services for a fee. Bumpix was for years an erotic adult classified ad site. Swiss competitor, the small erotic ads were Anibis.

But in 2023, Anibis sex will leave its place to its historical partner, Fgirl. In Switzerland, as in England, the trend is to eliminate street soliciting. The city's prostitution areas have been restricted, resulting in a drop of over 40% in street prostitution.

See the article about anibis and sex in switzerland here : www.fgirl.ch/anibis-sex/

Prostitution creates complaints from neighbours

These decisions on soliciting came about as a result of complaints from neighbours who were tired of the constant sweep of peeping toms wanting to check out the working whores on the street. The prostitutes come from different ethnic groups, including Africans and whores from the East. The notorious city of Geneva is the place to be for prostitutes waiting to be banged by sex-starved men. London, like Lausanne, is experiencing a growth in independent whores. Porno star experience, Girlfriend experience, there is no shortage of erotic services tailored for wealthy men.

In 2023, prostitution has been rethought and is now housed in Airbnb. Popular, easily accessible, prostitutes in Geneva as in London travel through flats on Airbnb. For a few days or for the month, sex tours allow them to meet new clients. The Paris escort who visits London can stay for a week and make up to €14,000! Find out in this unique article about paid sex some juicy details.

How are escorts registered?

As prostitution is legal, as each girl can dispose of her ass as she pleases, London whores do not hesitate to advertise in newspapers or now, especially in directory sites specialized in erotic ads. Sites such as Vivastreet or Adultwork have been in place since the beginning of the Internet and are a reference.

In Switzerland, Fgirl has become the reference for paid adult dating sites since 2010. You will find erotic sex ads for Geneva, Lausanne and also for the Valais. Now, in Valais, women are considered as sex workers. After buying condoms and intimate protection, they put their ad online and display themselves in light clothing to lure clients in need of love and affection.

Sex in Neuchâtel means that every year more than five hundred women become independent sex workers. Street prostitution is gradually disappearing with online platforms like Bumpix. Organized and secure, sex professionals working in massage parlours, cabarets, contact bars and in their private flats make paid sex in Switzerland a pleasant domain to enjoy and to share.

The hottest erotic masseuses are very popular with clients.

The sluttier the prostitute is, the more the client will talk to her about his fantasies. The one that comes up most often is inevitably sodomy, as most men find that their wives refuse or simply do not dare to ask them. There is also sex between several men, triolism. Many of the dirtiest girls admit that they like to have a big hard cock pounding their pussy. Many of these beautiful sluts confess that they love to be fucked through their pussy as well as through their anus.

The Swiss customer is a very respectful customer and therefore very popular with the girls of joy. The London customer is also very educated. Often from good families, educated, London bachelors are considered to be gallant men with a lot of class and are appreciated by escort girls. In general, when it comes to prostitution, each country is trying to protect the hooker who practices paid sex by putting in place accompanying measures.

How much does it cost to meet an escort in London?

Meeting an escort in London costs £200 on average. The rates for whores in Switzerland are similar to the rest of Europe. It is no longer the Eldorado of the 90s. But 1 hour of sex with an escort in Geneva costs 250CHF on average. In London as in Manchester, hardcore street prostitution is disappearing completely. This has allowed the luxury escorts in England in Airbnb to raise the prices of erotic services.

In Geneva, soliciting is still done in the red-light district, the last existing one, the Pâquis district. The escorts meet there to attract clients and often get them into their room, which is either their own flat or a massage parlour. The price of a meeting with a whore in London has also been impacted by the arrival of the eastern girls. There are plenty of Polish and Ukrainian escorts who are popular for their blonde hair and small breasts, as well as dark-haired Portuguese whores with large breasts and hairy pussy.

London is home to 40% of escorts in the UK

The number of sex workers in the UK is estimated to be around 85,800 with about 38,000 working in London. Geneva and Vaud are at the top of the list of French-speaking cities in terms of prostitution, with almost 35% of escort accommodation. More and more escort girls are welcoming their clients in their private flats, under the pretext of being occasional independents. In terms of marketing, it's a seller.

As a general rule, in London, a half-hour service at home is priced at £130 in the salons, whereas in Geneva, the same erotic service costs 150CHF.

To find an escort ready to suck you off, the easiest and most efficient way is to use the escort websites on the Internet. Indexes that put forward ads of sluts that you can fuck without restraint. One of the most famous French-speaking sites is Facegirl. The prostitute herself can manage the appearance of her ad. You just have to call her to make an appointment in her flat or in the massage parlour where she works. Sometimes they work alone or in a duo with another woman or with a transsexual.

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